Escape rooms and birthdays mix very well. At Escape Games we have lots of experience with birthday events.

Escape rooms is great for birthday parties. Some of our escape rooms are designed to work well for children.

If you are arranging a birthday event for a school class, Escape Games is the place to do it.

When you book a birthday party, our party room is included in the price. Here you can hang out before, during and after escape rooms.

Usually the children are divided into 2-3 teams.

It is your choice if the the teams will go through one or two rounds in escape rooms, but two rounds work best.

We make sure that the escape rooms are suitable for the age group in question.

There are different options, so don't hesitate to call or write us. We are happy to help find a good solution for your party.

It is a good idea to book well in advance :)

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