Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular, for teambuilding as well.

There are several reasons for that:

  • In an escape room we need some of the same ingredients that are so important in our work life: cooperation, communication and creativity
  • It's an indoor activity and everyone has the opportunity to make contributions.
  • A teambuilding event does not have to take all day, but it will still make an impression on the participants.
  • Teambuilding can be fun, too. Your coworkers/colleagues are likely to thank you if you go for an escape room for your next event.

900 m2 escape room facility

At Escape Games we have run many teambuilding events.

We offer:

  • Standard teambuilding events lasting either 1,5 or 3 timers hours
  • A relaxed atmosphere
  • 7 escape rooms for adults
  • Escape rooms for everyone. There are no jump scares, no crawling and no claustrophobic spaces.
  • 3 waiting/dining/conference rooms where you can hang out before, during and after the action in our escape rooms. This is your chance to socialize and maybe evaluate your experience.
  • 20 free parking spaces
  • Whether you are 2 or 40 people, we can most likely put up a greate event for you. Maybe your group is even larger. Get in touch and we will come up with a cunning plan together :)
  • We can make arrangements for food and beverages or you can do it yourself

Mobile escape rooms

Running an escape room event at your site is also possible. This could be a great addition to your in-house teambuilding activities.

Customized events

We are very flexible and open to customization, so that your take-away may be maximized.

One example of a non-standard event is when a company uses our conference rooms all day, doing a single escape room to keep the creativity flowing.

You are welcome to get in touch and discuss your next teambuilding event.

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