Escape room team building

Team building at our place

Why visit us for your next team building event?

Entertainment: Visiting Escape Games is fun. Also, you teams will be challenged and have a chance to reflect on group dynamics.

Easy access: Our location is 5 minutes from the highway between Skanderborg and Aarhus. We have plenty of free parking.

Very good escape rooms: Our reviews tell the story. We like to make sure everything makes sense in our rooms and that the puzzles and challenges are unique to each room.

Teamwork: Escape rooms require cooperation, communication and creativity - perfect for team building.

Intensive and effective: Escape rooms offers a lot in just 60 minutes!

Customized and flexible: We can customize your team building event. If you want to combine our activities with other content, let us know. You also have the option of having refreshments, etc.

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Our packages

Escape rooms

Escape rooms only! We will introduce the concept before venturing out to the escape rooms. After your experience we will make a group photo, if you want it.

We have multiple escape rooms in English.

Time: Please allow 70-80 min. for the whole thing.
Prices: Standard room prices.
Escape rooms + Extra socializing

Before the game, we will meet up in our diningroom for our welcome and introduction. After all teams have finished their escape room, we collect everyone in our dining room and wrap up. You can stay and socialize before you need to leave. If the weather is nice, you can easily go outside.

We serve coffee/tea, water, soda and snacks.

Total time: 90-120 min. or more if you want to
Pris: standard prices + 150 kr pr. team
Escape rooms + Team development

Do you want the ultimate team building activity? Together with our external partner (El-kholy Consult) we offer team development sessions that typically span a half or full day. El-kholy has many years of experience with team development with escape rooms as a major element.

We serve coffee/tea, water, soda and snacks.

Total time: from 180 min.
Price: contact us
Escape rooms + Wine tasting

We start and end in our dining room. After the escape room experince it's time for a nice wine tasting. It the weather is nice, this can also be outdoors.

We cooperate with local experts with a passion for wine.

Beer and mead tastings can also be arranged.

Total time: from 180 min.
Price: contact us

Team building To-Go

Why choose Escape Games for a to-go team building event?

Save money and time: You don't have to arrange transport to a different location. Logistics is so much easier.

Options: We have multiple games available in English and Danish.

Succesful events: Our escape rooms are fun and reasonably challenging. We have many events under our belt and we make sure to adapt to your needs.

Facilitation: We deliver and facilitate games.

Customized and flexible: We can adapt our games to your events.

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Some of our options

Spy Game

In teams of 3-6 persons you solve puzzles in 10 different locations in your building. Ultimately, all teams take part of a hectic end of the game.

Spy Game is our most advanced game, with multiple mystical devices.

Total time: 2 hours
Pricing: Get in touch
Puzzle Hunt

A very active game which is not too hard. This game can be played outdoors and indoors. Everybody can take part!

Total time: 2 hours
Pricing: Get in touch
Escape rooms and more

In cooperation with the Firmaevent Jylland we offer a lot of other activities in connection to your event.

Total time: 1/2 - 1 day
Pricing: Get in touch

Your event is important!

It is imperative for us that your event is a success! So we have a range of questions and things we want to discuss before we plan activities for your event. Get in touch and we will see if we can help each other come up with a good solution for a fair price.

Call our event coordinator or Send us an email