Team building for students, teachers or staff

Escape rooms is a fun way to learn. We can all benefit from training cooperation, communication and creativity - especially in connection with education.

Physical escape rooms

During the 5 years we have existed we have had the pleasure of setting up events for many groups of students - young as well as older.

We listen to your goals and adapt everything we can regarding the event, to maximize the effect.

  • We have rooms designed for children
  • We adjust the difficulty of the rooms that were originally designed for adults
  • If relevant, our game masters will focus extra on making participants know that the experience is safe for them to take part in
  • We monitor the game and will support students in an effort to make them succeed with just the right amount of hints.
  • We do not encourage competion, but inclusivity, cooperation, communication having a fun time

Escape rooms to go

We will happily come to your school as well - even if we have to travel a bit.

We have a number of different concepts and we can handle more than 100 participants.

Contact us

Get in touch if you want to talk escape rooms and schools.